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Single Stream Recycling Benefits

Red River Waste Solutions, LP, also known as RR Waste Solutions, provides waste and recycling collection services throughout Texas, Kentucky, Iowa, Tennessee, and Louisiana. On March of 2014, RR Waste Solutions announced its launch of the single stream recycling program in Del Rio, Texas.

Single stream recycling allows different types of recyclable materials to go in one container. Removing the need for citizens to separate aluminum cans from mixed paper and other recyclables, the convenient process eliminates the use of multiple containers. Residents can simply have one container for their recyclables and another container for waste items. Following collection, the items are sorted at a recycling facility.

In addition to convenience, single stream recycling reduces the carbon footprint on the environment. Its efficiency reduces pollution by taking collection trucks off the road sooner. Furthermore, it alleviates the excessive use of landfills, which preserves valuable airspace. Other benefits of single stream recycling include city savings, raw material use and collection cost reductions, and an increase in recycling participation.